Customer Appreciation Day April 27, 2012 – Thanks!!!

Thanks to all who attended Fitzgerald’s 2nd annual Customer Appreciation Day on Friday April 27th! Hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the free food and ice cream! It was awesome to see all the shoe donations for the Shoes for Water project as we filled up an entire box truck during the month of April, with many of our donations coming during Customer Appreciation Day. We are blessed to have so many customers and great friends at Fitzgerald Salvage & Recycling. Remember, Jesus recycles people, Fitzgerald’s recycles cars and more!


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Aluminum or Tin?

One question I get asked often is “what’s the difference between tin cans and aluminum cans?”. In fact, I often hear people using the terms as if they’re interchangeable. Tin cans are usually used in packaging food like soup, vegetables, and Spaghetti O’s, while aluminum cans are usually used for beverages like soda or beer. There are always exceptions of course. For example, tuna fish and pet foods often come in aluminum containers while fruit juices and punch often come in large tin cans. The easiest way to tell the difference is to use a magnet. Tin cans are made of steel and will stick to a magnet. Aluminum cans are not affected by magnetic forces. If you’re selling your cans for recycling you want to keep the two kinds seperate. If you don’t have a magnet, drop by our office and ask the cashier for a complimentary one.

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I think it’s fitting that the first post to our new blog would happen during Thanksgiving. Even though this is meant to be a business blog, our business is a family business, so it makes sense to start a blog about business during a time of the year that centers around family.

It’s easy to forget what is truly important while trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of life.  I challenge everyone to take a step back from all of the craziness in the world and concentrate on the people around you.  If you can do it for a few weeks this time of year, you might find out you can do it all year long.

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